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Clean-Kids Towels
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The Cold Seat

The Cold Seat
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The Baby’s Bundle is excited to offer The Cold Seat. A fabulous product and a must have for anyone with a child in a car/booster seat during the hot weather months. The world’s first freezable seat cooler, designed to create a comfortable safe ride for your precious cargo. The patented Cold Seat was created in 2004 by Shari L. Griffin, a local entrepreneur in Arizona. Did you know that even with the window cracked, temperatures
can rise up to 30 degrees in the space of a few minutes in your car? Depending on the temperature outside, the kind of vehicle you have, and how long it has been in the sun, in the hot summers of Arizona car temperatures can get up to 200 degrees! I think we all have experienced touching a hot car seat or metal on the seat belt. This is a danger that can be avoided with the Cold Seat. The Cold Seat rolls up nicely to fit in your freezer and is ready to go when you are. When you go in the store, to the mall wherever, just put the Cold Seat on top of the car/booster seat making sure to cover the metal buckles and when you get back your baby’s
seat will be cool to the touch. Even in the summer heat the Cold Seat will keep the car/booster seat from reaching burning temperatures all day. There are two fabric choices for the Cold Seat.

*Currently the manufactor is not producing this item.

How it Works
1. FREEZE IT: Place in freezer or deep freeze prior to using.

2. USE IT: Place Cold Seat - over booster, convertible, or regular car seat - whenever possible, cover buckles.

3. STORE IT: Remove from seat prior to placing child*. To prolong use, store Cold Seat™ in shade or below seat while driving.

4. REFREEZE IT: At the end of your day, remember to roll up Cold Seat™ using Velcro tab. DO NOT attempt to remove ice packs under any circumstances.* Cold Seat should be used to cool child's seat PRIOR to entering the car, NOT WHILE child is in the seat.

WARNING: Do not place child on top of Cold Seat™ as this could inhibit the proper use of car seat restraints. Also, do not place Cold Seat™ on top of child as this could be harmful to the child


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